Sled,Towable,Inflatable,Tu,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Bradley,Sledding,Ultimate,/membranous1403049.html,,Tube,Snow,|,$104 Sled,Towable,Inflatable,Tu,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Bradley,Sledding,Ultimate,/membranous1403049.html,,Tube,Snow,|,$104 Bradley Ultimate Towable Snow Albuquerque Mall Tube Tu Sled Sledding Inflatable $104 Bradley Ultimate Towable Snow Tube Sled | Inflatable Sledding Tu Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Bradley Ultimate Towable Snow Albuquerque Mall Tube Tu Sled Sledding Inflatable $104 Bradley Ultimate Towable Snow Tube Sled | Inflatable Sledding Tu Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation

Bradley Ultimate Max 66% OFF Towable Snow Albuquerque Mall Tube Tu Sled Sledding Inflatable

Bradley Ultimate Towable Snow Tube Sled | Inflatable Sledding Tu


Bradley Ultimate Towable Snow Tube Sled | Inflatable Sledding Tu


Product Description

Get your snow gear ready to hit the snow parks! The Bradley Ultimate Snow Tube is equipped with a super strong reinforced tow strap meant for commercial snow park tube lifts. The glossy heavy duty slick vinyl bottom is made with RapidGlide anti-friction technology that makes for super fast fun on the slopes! The cover has two sewn in handles for you to safely hold onto as you fly down the snowy slopes. After you are tuckered out from all the tubing fun, quick inflate/deflate valve includes valve stem remover kit right in the valve cap. Choose your favorite color and get ready to hit the fresh powder! Bradley inner tubes can also be used during summer time for water sports fun. Store your snow tube cover in a dry place until next season, and keep using the inner tube in the lake, river, or swimming pool.

"tbody" "th" Bradley Triple Rider Snow Tube "th" Bradley Double Rider Snow Tube "th" Bradley Snow Tube Deluxe Edition "th" Bradley Kid's Snow Tube
triple snow tube bradley double snow tube bradley snow tube cover bradley kids snow tube bradley river tube Ultimate Deluxe Snow Tube
Bradley River Tube Ultimate Deluxe Snow Tube
Size 45"x120" (40" inflated) 45"x80" (40" inflated) 50" Diameter (43" inflated) 42" Diameter (36" inflated) 50" Diameter (43" inflated) 50" Diameter (43" inflated)
Tubes included ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
Tow Leash Strength 6,000lb Tensile Strength 6,000lb Tensile Strength 1,200lb Tensile Strength 1,200lb Tensile Strength 6,000lb Tensile Strength
tow straptow strap

Safety Information

  1. Use of this product involves inherent risk of injury or death.
  2. Use in a clear and open area, check the terrain and avoid obstacles.
  3. Do not use on ice or icy surfaces, near driveways, streets, or highways.
  4. Children should use only under adult supervision.
  5. Use protective clothing such as a helmet, goggles, gloves, winter boots, and warm clothing.
  6. Do not tow behind a motorized vehicle.

Bradley Ultimate Towable Snow Tube Sled | Inflatable Sledding Tu

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